all that you need to know


Pay Half Now, Half Later

By using our 50% deposit scheme, you can purchase any item/s from our website using the coupon code: DEPOSIT

The total price of your basket will be reduced by 50% with the remaining balance due upon completion, before posting/collection.

How Do I Pay The Final Balance?

The final invoice will be sent to your email address which you will need to provide at checkout. The invoice will hold the all the details you need to be able to make the final payment. Once we have received the final payment your order will be posted or ready to collect.

Fail to make final payment when the item/s is already fulfilled, will not be dispatched and the deposit non refunded.

How Long Until Completion?

All Jewellery are made within 14 working days of receiving the order.

We offer Next Day which will be an option at Checkout


Will my order being tracked?

Most definitely. All orders are posted 1st class and signed for. You will also receive the tracking number.

Can I collect?

Yes. Collection is available from our studio, based in Ideford, Devon.


What happens if my ring doesn’t fit?

If we have taken the size for you we would have measured your ring size down to the mm. So it’s very rare that our sizes will be wrong.

What If I order with the size I think I am, and its wrong?

Ring sizes can change all the time, your hand temperature will fluctuate 7 times a day! So be sure that you are happy with the size in different temperatures. Weight loss or swelling can also change your ring size.

Not all rings can be resized, therefore we do not offer a refund. However, we are happy to re-make the ring as long as payment for the studio time is covered in advance and the original ring is returned safely.


I Have A Design I Want, Can You Make It?

Yes! We love commission work and the challenge it brings. Giving our customers exactly what they want is what we thrive to do. We can use your drawings, or draw up our own of your ideas. We will work closely together to achieve the end product you want.

I Have My Own Material, Can You Use It?

Again, Yes! We can use most materials, in perfect condition or in scraps. You may have a family heirloom, broken piece of jewellery, or one that no longer fits. We will melt down what you have, and cast it to your desired end product.

Mild Steel Damascus Rings

What Do I need to use to maintain it?

Mild Steel Damascus Rings needs regular TLC as it is a natural raw material, and if not looked after it will start to rust. We recommend using Renaissance Wax, a jewellery wax, which will stop this from happening.

We offer Renaissance Wax upon checkout, please add it to your basket and it will be delivered with your Mild Damascus Steel Ring.